Leo Sherman smiling and dressed in a denim shirt

Hi, I'm Leo

As a jazz composer and videographer turned designer, I bring a unique perspective to my role. I leverage my storytelling skills from music and video to craft end-to-end solutions that deeply resonate with users—functionally and emotionally.

For nearly 4 years, I’ve designed within agency, enterprise, and startup environments. My work has ranged from consumer-facing web design to complex SaaS and B2B products. Currently, I’m using my diverse skillset and background at NYSHEX, where I’m improving efficiency in the ocean container shipping space.

My top skills

Data visualization
information architecture
Interaction design
Journey mapping
UI design
user research

A bit about this site

leosherman.com is made in webflow. It's typeset in Söhne and Söhne Mono, by Klim Type Foundry. The primary color is cosmic latte, due to a love of astronomy and most things sci-fi.

A short history

  1. 1987

    I was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia. My family moves to Baltimore shortly afterwards.

  2. 2009

    I graduate from music school with a degree in jazz bass performance.

  3. 2010–2014

    I move to New York City to pursue a masters in music at Manhattan School of Music and am drawn to psychology and pedagogy in the arts. I get a second masters in education from Columbia University.

  4. 2015–2018

    A jazz fusion group I play in is in need of a videographer for some marketing content. I take on the challenge and the video helps get some high profile performances at nationally renowned music venues. I enjoy the design process and storytelling in videography and it becomes an important part of my creative work.

  5. 2019

    I release my debut album, Tonewheel. After years of writing music, I decided it was time to bring it to life. I’m proud to say that the album has received critical acclaim, with over 1 million listeners on Spotify as of 2020.

  6. 2020–2021

    My videography work taps into a deeper interest in the field of user experience design. I study for a year and take a big career step, landing my first design gig at an agency called Stradea Design Labs.

  7. 2021–2023

    I join a supply chain and logistics startup called NYSHEX where I build prototypes for 0–1 product offerings, contributing to more than $2 million in revenue.

  8. 2024–Present

    I take on greater responsibilities as a Senior Product Designer, influencing UX strategy and presenting designs to executive clients to get buy-in to new product features and enhancements.


In addition to design, I love composing and performing original music. I've been lucky to play and record with some amazing musicians and am grateful every day for that experience. Here's a small and eclectic assortment, for your listening pleasure.

An album cover showing intricate clockwork


Leo Sherman

Tonewheel is a collection of observations and experiences of immigrating to and growing up in the U.S., in a programmatic quintet setting.

An album cover showing abstract sketches

Love And Fear

Shaul Eshet

Shaul is a powerhouse of a pianist who's equal parts melodic lyricism and explosive rhythm. The trio plays across a wide range of textures and feels and has some great chemistry.

An album cover showing three violinists and a guitarist posing


Villalobos Brothers

The Villalobos Brothers are virtuosos that blend styles from their native Veracruz with classical, jazz, and rock. This is their third studio release and features some larger arc compositions and arrangements.

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